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Discreet Vape Shipping, Packaging and Delivery at IndeJuice UK

Published 19 August 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Discreet Vape Shipping, Packaging and Delivery at IndeJuice UK

Discreet Vape Shipping

Discreet vape shipping is the process of sending electronic cigarettes and related vape products in unmarked or plain packaging that does not indicate the presence of vape goods. Customers often opt for discreet vape packaging and delivery when living with family members, living in shared accommodation, and when directing vape mail to a workplace.

IndeJuice is a discreet vape website. Here at IndeJuice, we ship all vape products purchased from our online vape store in plain and unmarked packaging with no reference to the contents inside. Discreet packaging, shipping and delivery are free of charge and standard on all orders here at IndeJuice. You do not need to "opt in" or select any additional options during checkout.

As well as free discreet vape packaging, next-day delivery is free for all orders over £20 here at IndeJuice. Want to learn more about our free delivery service or online vape store? Check out our Free UK Vape Delivery page or our Online Vape Store to get started with discreet vape delivery.

What Does Discreet Vape Packaging From IndeJuice Look Like?

Discreet vape packaging from IndeJuice comes in either a large, plain cardboard brown box or a small, plain cardboard brown envelope. IndeJuice will choose the appropriate packaging, either a large plain cardboard brown box or a small plain cardboard brown envelope, based on the size of the order. The discreet envelope is used for smaller orders as it can fit through a UK letterbox, while the discreet box is used for larger orders that are unlikely to fit through a UK letterbox. There is no reference to the contents inside on either type of packaging, ensuring discretion.

Below are photos of what a discreet vape delivery from IndeJuice looks like.

Photo of Discreet Vape Packaging Option 1: Large Plain Cardboard Brown Box

vape uk discreet packaging box 1 image

The photo above shows our larger plain brown box that is used for bulkier orders, including large e-liquid bottles, large vape kits and typically disposable vape orders exceeding 10 pieces. This discreet vape delivery packaging is 230 mm x 160 mm x 110mm and does not fit through most UK letterboxes.

Photo of Discreet Vape Packaging Option 2: Small Plain Brown Cardboard Envelope

vape uk discreet packaging box 2 image

The photo above shows our smaller, plain brown envelope packaging that is mainly used for disposable vape orders under 10 pieces and smaller 10 ml bottles of e-liquid such as nic salts. This discreet vape delivery packaging is 290 mm x 190 mm x 25 mm and fits through most UK letterboxes without the need to show your ID to the postman.

Does IndeJuice Sell Discreet Vapes?

Yes, as well as our expertise in discreet vape delivery, discreet vapes are also available to buy here at IndeJuice. Discreet vapes are electronic cigarettes that produce a small amount of vapour on exhalation. Vapers often use discreet e-cigarettes to vape without setting off a smoke alarm, to minimise the impact of secondhand vape exposure on others, and to avoid detection at hotels and other venues.

The three main types of discreet vape products available at IndeJuice are cheap disposable vapes, 10 ml nic salts, and MTL vape kits. Discreet vape juice is mostly made of 50% Vegetable Glycerine and 50% Propylene Glycol. The main benefit of this balanced VG/PG ratio is discreet vapour production.

Not all users worry about stealth vaping or being discreet and hidden with their vapes. But as quitting smoking and switching to vaping can be a sensitive topic for many, we do our best to ensure peace of mind for all when shopping at IndeJuice.

What is IndeJuice?

8 August 2023

What is IndeJuice?

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