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How Do You Clean XROS 2 Pods?

Published 23 January 2023, Updated 10 April 2024

How Do You Clean XROS 2 Pods?

How Do You Clean XROS 2 Pods?

  1. Remove the pod from the XROS 2 vaping device and fill up a bowl with warm water (not boiling water, as the pods are made from plastic and could potentially warp or crack).

  2. Open your pod's filling hole system, remove the coil if possible, and then try to remove any residue e-liquid.

  3. Submerge the pod cartridge into the water, swishing it around to ensure that you are removing any hard-to-see e-liquid residue. You should see dark flecks of residue if the coil cannot be removed from the pod.

  4. Empty the water, refill it with more warm water, and submerge the pod once again; continue this step until it is consistently clear and clean.

  5. Remove the pod from the water and tap the pod on a paper towel to remove any excess water inside the pod. Leave the pod for at least 2/3 hours to ensure it is scorched before using it again.

Knowing when to clean your pod

Knowing when your Xros 2 pods need cleaning is a mystery to some people, so we shall talk through the main signs indicating that your pod system needs cleaning or potentially even replacing.

Physical appearance

The first indication would be physical appearance; if you can see that the pod is dirty, inside or outside, it will need to be removed and cleaned correctly before further usage, ensuring no excess liquid residue is left behind.


Another leading indicator that your pod may need cleaning is when it begins to taste different to what you are used to; this can be caused by the previous e-liquid in your tank being too overpowering and dominating the new flavour you have added, if you experience this, you will need to clean out your pod thoroughly. The other indicator is when it tastes burnt; when you experience this, you will more than like need to replace the coil and cleaning will not be a simple fix.


One of the less common ways of knowing your pod could do with a clean is the smell of the pod itself; if you notice an unfamiliar smell coming from your pod, this could be caused by the pod having residue from previous e-liquid still inside and mixed with a new flavour which can be unpleasant in some cases. You should also be aware of a burning smell from your pod; if you experience this, your pod will more than likely need replacing.


Whether you are cleaning the pod out to insert a new vape juice or to give the pod a physical clean due to being dirty, it is essential always to ensure that your pod and the coil inside are completely dry before refilling and vaping again, using a cotton swab or paper towel will help remove any excess coil gunk.

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