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Is There Vape Juice Without Glycerine?

Published 26 August 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Is There Vape Juice Without Glycerine?

Is There Vape Juice Without Glycerine?

You can make DIY e-liquid which is 100% Propylene Glycol (PG) and contains no Vegetable Glycerine.

Math is the first thing you will need to learn when you want to curate the ideal puff. That means learning about the ratios: the ratio between PG and VG.

PG stands for propylene glycol, which is a man-made liquid typically used by medicinal companies to make medicines. PG provides the flavour in your e-liquid and also gives you the nicotine shot you crave.

PG is also the substance that gives you the feeling of a ‘hit’ to your throat that you probably have experienced if you are a seasoned vapour or the feeling that other vapers might have already told you about.

On the other hand, VG stands for vegetable glycerine, a naturally-occurring liquid substance that is sweet to taste and extracted from plant oils. It is typically used in the food industry to sweeten foods and as a thickening activator.

VG is used in vapes to create the vapour, or in other words, the ‘smoke’ that you see vapers exhale, making the vaper much smoother for inhalation.

The PG/VG ratio is vital for creating an excellent vaping experience. Balancing the two depends on your vaping device and the type of vaping experience you prefer — whether you want more vapour produced or more flavour.

Some may wonder if there are vape juices without glycerine. The answer is yes — such vape juices produce very little vapour, but a typical vape with less vapour and strong flavour usually has a PG: VG ratio of 50:50.

If VG is not present in the vape, be sure to find a device that works with PG: VG ratios above 50:50.

Is Vegetable Glycerine Safe To Vape?

Public health England has stated that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Vape juices contain Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol with nicotine and flavour concentrates.

The coil heats the juice to create a vapour which you inhale; smoking, on the other hand, burns chemicals which you then inhale. According to studies published by the NHS, vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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