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Nicotine Free Vape vs Nicotine Vape: What are the Differences Beyond the Obvious?

Published 12 June 2023, Updated 9 April 2024

Nicotine Free Vape vs Nicotine Vape: What are the Differences Beyond the Obvious?

What are the differences between nicotine free vape vs nicotine vape that you should know about before purchasing vaping products?

The most obvious is that one contains nicotine and the other does not. You might not know that a nicotine vape will have a stronger throat hit than a nicotine-free vape. There’s more you should know, and in this article, we go in-depth on the differences between these two vapes and help you pick out which is suitable for your goals!

Nicotine Free Vape vs Nicotine Vape: What are the Differences You Need to Know About?

Concerning no nicotine vape vs nicotine, there are vital differences between the two that you should know about. For example, nicotine vape will significantly impact your health more than no-nicotine vape. Continue reading below to learn more about how these two vapes differ!

The Obvious Difference is Nicotine Concentration

So, is there a vape with no nicotine? There is!

Most obviously, nicotine concentration is the difference between a nicotine vape and a nicotine-free vape. A nicotine-free vape will be exempt from the addictive and toxic chemical nicotine. The nicotine-containing vape will always contain nicotine but may come in varying concentrations ranging up to 50mg.


Between the two, nicotine-free vape is not addictive, while nicotine vape is proven to be highly addictive.

Nicotine is a threateningly addictive component found in tobacco and used in cigarettes, smokeless products, and vapes. Sourced from tobacco, nicotine has been heavily researched. Nicotine consumption has been tied to an increased risk of multiple forms of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diseases (such as lung disease), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and diabetes.

A nicotine-free vape can be a less harmful choice for individuals searching for a relaxing vape with no nicotine to quit nicotine use. Inhaling smoke is generally unsafe for the body. Still, no nicotine vape is 95% less harmful than nicotine vape or other nicotine products that instigate addiction and significant harm to one’s overall health.

On our blog, we answer the question, do nicotine free vapes help you quit smoking. This discussion is a productive way to understand better if a nicotine-free vape is right for you if you want to cease smoking for good!

Throat Hit

Altering the nicotine concentration in a vape can impact the throat hit. The throat hit refers to the strength or feeling that reaches the back of the throat as you inhale the product.

The greater the nicotine concentration in a vape, the stronger the throat hit. On the other hand, a lower nicotine concentration will encourage a smoother throat hit. The nicotine-free vape will be a smoother throat hit than a nicotine vape.

Health Impact

As discussed above, nicotine has a wholly negative impact on the body. Nicotine is highly addictive, so even a taste can make quitting hard for some people. The more nicotine, whether it be amount or frequency, is consumed, the greater the health impact.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 50-60 mg of nicotine is deadly for a 150-pound adult, with an increased risk of stroke, lung cancer, and heart disease developing in individuals that are smokers rather than those who aren’t. A man and a woman that smokes are 25x more likely to develop lung cancer than a non-smoker.

The National Institutes of Health further prove the health impact of nicotine in a study on the harmful effects of nicotine. The study further cements the detrimental impact of nicotine consumption and how its biological effects are widespread in harming the body.

Knowing that nicotine vapes are not the best option health-wise, you may wonder, are no nicotine vapes safe? We go into greater detail on our blog, but vaping generally is not healthy for the lungs.

A nicotine-free vape is a less harmful alternative for individuals looking to quit smoking and rid themselves of nicotine addiction. Regarding no nicotine vape vs nicotine, a no nicotine vape will be drastically less harmful to the body than a nicotine-containing vape.

Flavour Experience

Though nicotine doesn’t have a precise flavour, it affects the complete flavor profile of e-liquid. This is because the nicotine dilutes the e-liquid resulting in a less pronounced flavour.

The nicotine-free vape will have a more impactful flavour because it is not affected by the diluted effects of nicotine. You can focus on the nicotine-free flavor's texture, richness, and deliciousness without the mingling of toxic nicotine in your favorite e-liquid.


The affordability of nicotine-free vapes is more so than nicotine vapes. The price difference between the two isn’t too drastic, but as everyone knows, money adds up over time. It’s important to note that disposable vape devices will run more expensive than refillable ones over time.

So, Which is Better: No Nicotine Vape vs Nicotine Vape?

Out of the two, nicotine free vape vs nicotine, which one is better? That depends on your desire for vaping. For example, a nicotine-free vape can be a great alternative if you’re trying not to smoke in social environments. Let’s discuss this topic further below!

Why Choose a Nicotine-Free Vape?

If you’re ready to quit smoking cold turkey, want to lower your nicotine intake, or aren’t currently consuming nicotine - this is for you!

You don’t have to worry about searching for where to buy nicotine free vapes at IndeJuice. We have an expansive selection of the best nicotine-free disposable vape in the UK.

You can browse our selection to pick from the top nicotine-free vapes and e-liquid flavors to boost your morale on your journey to being free from nicotine addiction. Or, if you simply want to enjoy a vape free of addictive nicotine or vape socially, then a nicotine-free vape is the perfect selection for you.

Why Choose a Nicotine Vape?

When on the journey of decreasing nicotine usage to quit for good, it takes time. Nicotine is highly addictive, so quitting cold turkey is challenging for many. It comes with intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, and insomnia.

Ceasing nicotine consumption is crucial to protecting your health from serious concerns like cancer and disease. A nicotine vape can be a productive way to wean off nicotine, as different concentrations are available. For example, moving from a 10mg to a 5mg nicotine vape is a constructive leap toward a nicotine-free life.

For the pack-a-day smoker, a nicotine vape is a helpful stepping stone to ceasing nicotine use for good and deterring potential health risks!

Either Way, IndeJuice Has You Covered…

Achieving the exclusive Prime Certified badge, IndeJuice has made its dedication to quality products known worldwide. The badge represents authenticity, trust, and legal safety for vape products. And every product on IndeJuice’s site is sold by the official manufacturer, so you’re promised only the best vaping product.

IndeJuice is the Amazon of all things vape, so no matter if you’re deciding between no nicotine vape vs nicotine, you can find what you need with our diverse selection of products and flavors!

We have no nicotine disposable vape for the individual looking to cut off nicotine completely or vape socially without ingesting nicotine. Our low nicotine disposable vape options come in a broad range of nicotine concentrations to adhere to your nicotine-quitting journey. At IndeJuice, we have as low as 5mg vapes, 10mg disposable vape, and 20mg vape selections for you to choose from.

There are more options at IndeJuice to cater to more needs and tastes during an addiction-free journey. For example, IndeJuice offers a selection of nic salts for those looking to curb nicotine cravings, premium vape juice with the tastiest and most popular flavors, and shortfills to get the best value for your money with extra space to add nicotine shots.

Wrapping up Our Comparison of a Nicotine Free Vape vs Nicotine Vape

In this discussion on no nicotine vape vs nicotine, we sought to explain the difference between the two vaping products. The biggest difference between the two is one contains nicotine, a highly harmful addictive chemical, and one does not.

Both products can come in handy when weaning off and quitting nicotine. It is a challenging process to overcome addiction to nicotine. With the broad and impressive selection of cheap vapes from IndeJuice, you can take your pick and start removing toxic nicotine from your life for good.

Rid yourself of nicotine addiction and protect your health by weaning off nicotine with low-dosage nicotine and nicotine-free vapes from IndeJuice today!

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