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What Is RBA Mode On Drag S?

Published 4 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

What Is RBA Mode On Drag S?

What Is RBA Mode On Drag S?

RBA mode overrides restrictions that are forced upon by smart mode. It allows you to use different resistances for each coil rather than the ones set by smart mode.

RBA is an acronym for rebuildable atomiser, where you are given free rein over your device. This means that you can change the resistance of your desired coil. In the context of VooPoo’s Drag S or Drag X, it simply means that the device is in a mode that is compatible with the many different types of resistances available in the VooPoo collection.

To activate the RBA mode on your device, all you have to do is do three quick and successive clicks, and you can then switch between four settings, two of which involve the RBA mode and the other two with the smart mode. You have to look at your display screen to tell the difference between which mode you are currently in. If the screen is blue, you are in RBA mode, and if it is red, it is the smart mode.

RBA mode is the best mode to use if you are someone who enjoys customising their vape devices by using coils of differing resistance. This is because the RBA mode does not contain any lower limits, unlike the smart mode, which automatically detects the coil’s resistance and makes its own adjustments. The RBA mode only has an upper limit of 60 watts. So, this means you can test up to that amount.

You might wonder why people even bother to use RBA mode when the smart mode is more versatile and safer. The RBA mode boils down to how experienced you are with vaping. If you are on the more proficient end, you might be interested in customising your own device. This is where RBA mode gives you the autonomy to decide how you want to vape.

Furthermore, without this customisation, you might end up paying higher prices for those ready-built atomisers. When you learn how to customise your own pod, you can save on these costs. Compared to the former, the latter will be significantly cheaper. It is like when you build your own high-end computer. Building it yourself will surely cost less than buying one in retail stores.

The perk of utilising the RBA system freely is that the coils that accompany it are refillable as they come with a tank. Furthermore, the tank is not so small that you need to refill it often. You can easily top up the liquid whenever you need to. Again, most people have commented that this is the best way to extract the most authentic taste out of your vape. This might be because of the e-liquid itself, which is a perk of using your own self-built pod.

Hence, if you are an avid vaper and want to optimise your experience by getting the most out of it while still cutting down on costs, customisation of your own vape device is recommended and the RBA system perfectly supports that.

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