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What Setting Should My Vape Be On?

Published 12 August 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

What Setting Should My Vape Be On?

What Setting Should My Vape Be On?

For someone new to mod box devices, we recommend setting your device on either wattage or bypass mode. These are the most straightforward settings for beginners, prime the coil, adjust the settings, wait a few moments for the juice to soak into the cotton and begin vaping.

In Bypass mode, the vape removes the ability for the user to adjust the wattage setting on their vape manually. This enables the vape device to automatically adjust the power according to the voltage available from the battery at that moment in time. It also considers the coil installed in your device and ensures it is firing the appropriate amount of power required.

In wattage mode, users can adjust the wattages flowing through their vape device. If you are using your device in wattage mode (which may also be known as power mode on some devices), be sure to use the correct power range for the coil you have installed in your tank, as you don't want to burn your coil and to ruin your vaping experience.

If you are an experienced vaper and are feeling adventurous, experimenting with the other settings on your vapouriser, such as temperature control or custom power mod, is worthwhile. These are designed to tailor each puff to give you the ultimate satisfactory vape. Most vape starter kits keep things simple and therefore do not have modes to choose from. 

How Do I Adjust My Vape Settings?

Depending on the vape device you have will determine how you adjust the vape settings on it. Usually, mod box devices have a screen with at least a few buttons to cycle through the menus, adjust the settings and firing button, which activates your device.

Always read the instruction manual that came with your device,e as devices differ from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer.

To bring up the menu, you may have to click your firing button several times or hold it down; always read your instruction manual on bringing up the menu. Be careful not to lock your device by pressing the firing button several times.

Once the menu appears on the screen, you can cycle through the different options to bring you to the desired feature you want to adjust. Then adjust the setting using the buttons on the screen and wait for the device to acknowledge your selection.

If your coil isn't primed or the tank isn't full of e-liquid before vaping, do both before taking your first inhale on the newly adjusted setting. This will avoid burning your coil and taking a dry hit which will ruin your coil.

For more related vape guides, check out our articles what are the different vape modes on a vape and what is pulse mode vape?

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