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8 Best Vapes That Don't Leak: Ultimate Leakproof Vape Kits

Published 22 August 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

8 Best Vapes That Don't Leak: Ultimate Leakproof Vape Kits

8 Best Vapes That Don't Leak: Ultimate Leakproof Vape Kits

Switching from smoking traditional cigarettes or tobacco products to vaping is one of the most beneficial things you can do, but you may find yourself getting very frustrated if your vape decides to leak.

8 Best Vapes That Don't Leak artwork

The reason a vape can leak is down to numerous reasons like the vape not being stood upright, or if you are not using a suitable e-liquid for the vape tank or vape pod, these are just 2 reasons why leaking may occur.

With vaping technology constantly evolving, we are now seeing several brands such as UWELL, VooPoo and Aspire coming up with clever technology that makes this leaking problem less of an issue for vapers. We have put together a list of the 8 best vapes that have much lower chances of leaking (in no particular order).

  1. Voopoo Drag X.

voopoo drag x vape device image

This amazing Pod Mod Drag X from Voopoo has taken the vaping market by storm. With the device being small and significantly light, it is very easy to carry around daily and small enough to store in a pocket or a bag.

The Drag X 2ml pod is attached to the battery using a magnetic connection. The pod has an easy-to-use bottom fill system; you open the pod by removing the rubber bung, refilling, and then inserting the rubber bung back into the hole.

This filling method has been carefully designed to avoid the chances of any leaking happening as long as you do not fill above the 'Max Fill' line.

The Drag X is a small but powerful device thanks to the compatible PnP coils, making it an ideal product for both beginner and experienced vapers.

This device can reach up to 80 watts in power, so it is more than capable of creating a vast cloud production and intense flavour.

  1. Vaporesso Xros 2.

vaporesso xros 2 device image

The Xros 2 Vaporesso is a top-fill pod system, which instantly makes the chances of this device leaking pretty slim. The top-fill design is covered by the mouthpiece of the replacement XROS 2 pod, meaning that the mouthpiece is blocking the gaps from which it could potentially leak. This is a very simple way of using leak-proof technology.

The Xros 2 is a reasonably low-powered device between 11w and 16w, ideal for someone looking to use nicotine salt liquids or higher nicotine strength liquids. However, this device is still more than capable of vaporising lower nicotine strength and no nicotine liquids.

Housing an integrated 1000Mah battery inside the Xros 2, you will easily be able to get a full day, if not more, out of this powerful, palm-sized device.

What Is The Best Vape That Doesn't Leak?

If you have ever wondered 'What Is The Best Vape That Doesn't Leak?' then the Xros has to be the answer; housing an SSS Leak-resistant technology, the Xros 2 is one of the best devices on offer to avoid the hassle of a leaking tank or pod.

diagram showing internal xros 2 pod

  1. UWELL Caliburn G.

uwell caliburn G device image

The UWELL Caliburn G is hands down, one of the best top-fill vape systems on the vaping market, as well as one of the best pod devices out there.

The Caliburn G is also one of the easiest pod vapes to function as the device has only one button that is used for both firing the vape and turning the vape kit on and off (click 5 times to turn it on/off).

The pod on the Caliburn G is removed by pulling the pod away from the battery, which will easily disconnect.

To fill the pod, all you need to do is remove the mouthpiece to reveal the fill holes, insert the juice in there, and then connect the pod back onto the battery, and the magnetic connection will ensure that it is adequately connected.

The Caliburn G replacement pod is compatible with Caliburn G coils, unlike many other pods on the market. You can find Caliburn G coils in resistances of 1 ohm, 1.2 ohm, and 0.8 ohm. This makes this one of the best pod vape devices on the market today.

  1. SMOK Nord 4.

smok nord 4 device image

The SMOK Nord range became increasingly popular when small pod vape mod devices became more powerful. The Nord series has been a top competitor for a significant amount of time now, being such a small device that packs a lot of power.

The SMOK Nord 4 is one of the latest products to be released from SMOK, and it is becoming a very popular and reliable vape kit thanks to it being quite an advanced mod but is still very easy to function, which makes this a great vape for someone looking to upgrade from a less powerful device or vape pens/e-cigarettes.

The SMOK Nord 4 pods allow replacement RPM coils to be fitted, and the only time that you may notice a slight bit of leaking from this device is when the coil has burnt out and can no longer hold e-liquid in the cotton housed in the coil heads.

  1. Elf Bar ELFA.

elf bar elfa device image

The Elf Bar ELFA is a pre-filled pod system from the makers of Elf Bar disposables. The ELFA has a very similar design to a disposable Elf Bar, meaning it is a thin, vape pen-shaped device.

The ELFA is very easy to use as all you need to do is attach a pre-filled pod onto the battery and begin to vape without any hassle.

The ELFA pre-filled pods come filled with 2ml of various flavours, and as these pre-filled pods are not refillable and will not have any holes for filling, the chances of leaking are almost non-existent.

When the pod for the ALFA has burnt out, you will need to dispose of the entire pod and replace it with a new one.

  1. UWELL Caliburn A2.

uwell caliburn A2 device image

One of the latest products to be released from UWELL's Caliburn range is the Caliburn A2. This pod system vape features non-replaceable coils, meaning that the pods are disposable and will need to be disposed of and replaced when they have burnt out.

The replacement Caliburn A2 pods are manufactured at a high-quality standard and are extremely reliable and durable pods.

To fill the Caliburn A2 pods, you need to remove the drip tip or mouthpiece from the pod to reveal the filling holes; you then fill up with vape juice, attach the drip tip, connect to the battery and begin to vape; it's as simple as that.

  1. Aspire Pockex.

aspire pockex device image

The Aspire Pockex device, which was released back in 2017, has continued to dominate the vaping market and has become one of the best-selling and most reliable devices on offer today.

The Aspire Pockex is an all-in-one (AIO) system, meaning that the vape tank is built onto the battery and cannot be removed or replaced; you can only replace parts such as PockeX coils, rubber seals and glass.

The removable glass on the Pockex is held into place with rubber seals that sit on top of the battery and in the top cap of the tank. These rubber seals not only hold the glass into place securely but also prevent the device from leaking, so if you notice a pockex is leaking, check your seals for any issues or check your glass for any small cracks or fractures.

  1. Geekvape Aegis Legend.

geekvape aegis legend device image

The Geekvape Aegis Legend is a hugely popular device amongst the more advanced vapers as it is a very reliable device that is capable of producing thick, flavoured solid clouds of vapour the device also takes 2x external batteries meaning that the battery life of this device is at least a day and a half.

Housed on top of the Aegis Legend is the Geekvape Zeus Sub Tank, which easily became one of the most popular vape tanks of 2021. This tank has several different resistance coils that can be fitted so the Aegis Legend's settings can be modified to the user's preferred settings without the fear of burning out a coil, which may then cause leaking.

The Geekvape Zeus Sub-Ohm tank features a top-fill system and a push-pull coil system, making the hassle of changing coils a breeze.

Best Vape Tanks That Don't Leak?

The part of most vapes that end up leaking is the vape tank or the vape pod housed on top of the battery. In this blog, we shall showcase the top 4 tanks that have a very low chance of leaking.

  1. Horizontech Falcon 2.

horizontech falcon 2 device image

The Horizontech Falcon 2 is the latest tank to be released in their Falcon range and is becoming increasingly popular. This sub-ohm tank is capable of producing thick, dense clouds of vapour and can deliver a strong, intense flavour when vaping.

The Falcon 2 tank features a really easy slide-to-fill technology that makes refilling the tank no hassle at all. The Falcon 2 tank out of the box will have a juice capacity of 2ml, but this can be extended up to 5.2ml with the bubbled glass available for this tank.

The Falcon 2 does not feature any leak-proof technology, but with the rubber seals and the plug-in coil technology, this tank has a meagre chance of leaking and is technically a leak-proof tank.

  1. UWELL Crown V.

uwell crown device image

Since UWELL began to release the Crown Tank series, they have become increasingly popular due to their extremely durable and reliable quality. The Crown V sub-ohm tank proves even better than its previous tanks.

The Crown V sub-ohm tank out of the box can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid, but if this glass is swapped out for the bubble glass, you are capable of filling up to 5ml of vape juice in the vape tank.

Best Vape Tank That Doesn't Leak?

UWELL is praised for implementing a patented self-cleaning technology in the Crown V sub-ohm tank. This self-cleaning feature means that you are less susceptible to leaking tanks and also means that cleaning the coils is not necessary as much as in the tanks before the Crown V.

  1. Geekvape Zeus Sub Tank.

geekvape zeus sub tank image

The Geekvape Zeus Sub-Ohm tank has been a fan favourite for several years now thanks to its capability of producing a strong and intense flavour, large cloud production, and also its leak prevention technology, technically making this a leak-proof vape tank.

The Zeus sub-ohm tank houses a top-fill system, making it extremely easy to refill when needed. The Z-coils fitted into the Zeus tank are a push-pull system that prevents leaks from where the coil is inserted.

As the Zeus tank hosts a top-fill system and a top airflow system, it is very unlikely that this tank will begin to leak. If it does, it is more than likely due to a coil being burnt out and no longer being able to hold the e-liquid, or you may potentially have a crack or fracture in the tank's glass.

  1. Innokin T18 II Tank.

innokin T18 tank image

The Innokin T18 II tank is a small but very reliable vape pen tank that is popular amongst beginner vapers. This is so popular amongst beginner vapers because of its ease of use. This tank features a top-fill system that makes refilling an easy task.

E-Cig Tank That Doesn't Leak?

The Innokin T18 II tank also features a coil system that is plugged in from the bottom, going the entire way through the tank, and then there is a screw on a base plate that will hold the coil in place and avoid any juice from leaking out the base.

Vape Coils.

Although the part that seems to leak is the vape tank, the main part of a vape that may cause leakages or even prevent leakages is the vape coil.

The vape coil you are using inside of your device can play a huge role in preventing e-liquid from leaking out of your device. For example, if you use a big sub-ohm coil but are trying to use a thin PG-based liquid with it, you will find the juice can leak straight through the coil and out of the device, and vice versa.

It is also very important to ensure that the coil you are using inside the device is not burnt out; if the coil has burnt out, it will no longer be able to hold the e-liquid in the cotton and will leak straight through.

So, ensuring you use the correct vape coils in your vape tank is essential to avoid any leakages.

Ways To Prevent Leaking?

There are numerous ways to prevent your vape from leaking, and in this blog, we shall walk you through the best ways to avoid this.

  1. Make Sure You Are Filling Tank Correctly And Do Not Overfill.

How you fill up your vape tank is very important, whether this is a sub-ohm tank, a pod, or a pen-style vape tank.

image showing how to refill a refillable vape pod

Ensuring that you are filling your tank up using the correct hole is crucial as some tanks and pods will have a visible airflow hole, and it's important to avoid filling juice down this hole.

It is also very important to not overfill past the 'Max fill' line, as this is a guideline of how much that tank or pod can hold without leaking.

  1. Check For Cracks or Fractures.

If you notice that your vape has begun to leak, then it is good to check for any cracks or fractures in the tank or pod.

Cracks and fractures can occur when a vape has been dropped or smashed or if it has not been stored safely and correctly.

In some rare cases, the type of juice you are using can cause cracks; for example, using citrus, cinnamon, or liquorice-type flavours in a plastic tank can potentially cause cracks.

If you notice that you have a small fracture or a crack in the glass of your tank, then there is unfortunately not much that can be done about this other than replacing the glass if possible, and if not, you will need to replace the entire tank.

  1. Keep Your Device Upright.

Ensuring that your vape device is standing upright can prevent the vape kit from leaking.

dos and donts relating to keeping vape upright

If the device is not upright, you may notice that e-liquid can escape through the mouthpiece due to it being on its side, and the juice can spill out over time.

Keeping your vape device upright will ensure that your device will not leak vape juice through the mouthpiece at the top.

  1. Make Sure Everything Is Tight But Not Too Tight, And Be Cautious Of Cross Threading.

Sometimes, you may notice that your vape has begun to leak, but a simple way of trying to stop this or avoid this is to make sure that everything is screwed on tightly but not too tight.

If your tank is not screwed together tight enough, then there may not be enough pressure between the glass and the seals to stop the vape juice from escaping; this can be a common issue with sub-ohm tanks.

Giving all the parts on the tank a slight turn to tighten everything will hopefully stop the tank from leaking.

Make sure that all parts are screwed on tight; you also have to be careful not to over-tighten them as this can sometimes cause too much pressure and will result in the glass cracking or breaking, leading to leaking.

It is essential to be careful that none of the vape parts are cross-threaded; cross-threading happens when something that is screwed together has not been screwed together straight, resulting in cross-threading.

When cross-threading happens, it can potentially cause leaking as there will be gaps where the thread should be fully connected.

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